Next Show:

The Barn March 31, 2017 9pm

Where And When To Find Us

The Barn March 31, 2017 9pm
Twains Tavern April 22, 2017 10pm
Sunset Cove May 6, 2017 7pm
Fager's Island May 12, 2017 9pm
Crab Ball May 13, 2017 6pm
The Jetty May 26, 2017 8pm
Fager's Island June 9, 2017 10pm
The Jetty June 30, 2017 8pm
Port Tobacco July 1, 2017 9pm
The Jetty August 4, 2017 8pm

The Band

In a very impersonal way (this is as close as you can hope to get)

John Frase

Vocals, Guitar

Forest Anderson


Joe Comfort

Little Drummer Boy

Rohry Flood


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